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Car Rental Terms

Driving license and age

The tenant must have completed the age of 21 and at least 1 year must have domestic or international driver's license.

Lease Duration

1-day rental minimum rental period 3 days, 24 hours a day, a monthly rental is calculated over a 30-day delay, the total lease for each 1 hour/3 day delay in excess of 1 I 3 time lease fee in full.

Long Term Rental

Ask for the special price for long-term leases. special price for 3 months and above.

The scope of services and Pricing

Rates include: unlimited mileage usage, maintenance, third parties (legal policy boundaries) is included in the guarantee insurance Damage liability insurance (Cdw), theft protection insurance and the 18% value-added tax (K.D.V.) are included. Fuel belongs to kiralayana.

Antalya-Vehicle Checkout

Miles, driver, gasoline, and other gidrler are charged upon delivery. Distance to Antalya until around 50 km and rotation free car delivery. (7 days and over kiralamalarda). Motorcycle, bicycle, baby buggy vehicle child seat, navigation device charge.

With the tool and guide

With car and guide available. 2. driver is free to use. In the event of another vehicle is taken from the one way fee credit is applied in the city.

Delivery Delays

In the case of delay, any additional hours for 1/3 of the fee applied. delays in excess of 3 hours is calculated as a full day.

Traffic Penalties

Traffic and highway, bridge and transit fines belong to the customer. The duration of this period of rental vehicles in the case of alıkonulması trafikçe are included.

Important Notes

• Park your car when you park, take note that permits (parking and hotel attendant) as a key to anyone, do not deliver, this is outside the scope of damages in such cases, the great oluşabilmekte and insurance for their vacation.
• Please park your car as much as possible and not leave a parking lot, if you switch on key vehicle is stolen again fall outside the scope of the insurance.
• You're looking in the car Park or in the case of visible places, do not leave bags, camera and other similar goods on the seats so the boomerang.
• In case of accident the damaged vehicle to the nearest police or gendarmerie station without moving from the accident and alcohol report must be taken.
• In the case of damage to or destruction of the vehicle parking onsite again patrol must be taken to ascertain the damage. shareholders jandarmadan
• If there are up to 200 euro or zorunlulugu to pay Damages. There is no 100% justified, this changes a customer.
• Accident and emergency relief (road assistance) number in case of FAULT. Will be sent immediately to help an attractive and/or, if necessary, be drawn to the nearest taxi to another vehicle will be sent to the service. Park your car in one of the jandarmanın or çektirmeyiniz, is sent by the police to cover their own boats and immediately contact us by stating.
• Indicates a non yanıkları is outside the scope of the tiles that appear in the insurance you will need to pay the price needed to repair.
• Speed limits in the city 90 km/hour, 50 km. outside the city is 120 km/hour, otoyollarda./saattir.. Roads are very frequent, especially with the radar speed checks on the roads outside of city limits, please pay attention to speed.
• Timely periodic maintenance on your vehicle and you will make a journey made without controls. Nevertheless, in cases of malfunction that may occur, you must first contact us (24 hours). Our friends will notify you, and depending on the situation.
• If you use more than 5000 within the lease period that must go to the care of our questions, this tool helps you more kilometers to a safe journey to the vehicle's warranty, as well as to do so is important.
• Traffic fines must be paid immediately, the drive. Otherwise, there may be a problem in the output for our customers living abroad. For customers residing in the dormitory that it is us on the payment and receipt to take to the edited record.
• Tool will not be able to use someone else's name being written in the contract, in such a case, please people who contract drivers enrol.


Kaskoludur rent a car all vehicles. Rubber, glass, Headlight (L.C.F) insurance rental fee is included.

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